About Us

We are a family owned and operated business with over 25 years experience in the document destruction and recycling industry.

Our locations

We have to sites which are situated in Toowoomba and Bundaberg, Queensland. This allows us to have the versatility to be able to travel between the two sites and their surrounding regions.


To us, security is paramount along with reliability and professionalism. As a business, we understand the importance of having sensitive documents destroyed safely and environmentally friendly. There is no need to worry about your sensitive material travelling anywhere but simply out your door and into our truck from there it is unreadable and irreversible. We issue a certificate of destruction automatically once each job is completed with no extra charge to you.


Reliable and Efficient service is something we strongly believe in and so do all of our staff members. We offer a very open and friendly relationship with all clients. To us, every bit of information that comes through our shredder is treated the same way regardless of where it comes from. We have a belief that great people deliver great service and that is what we instil in all of our staff.

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