Why use us

There is no better and safer way to destroy all those boxes of archives than with us.
  • We are reliable, efficient and tidy.
  • We do the shedding ourselves, no job is contracted out.
  • All destroyed products are recycled, contributing to a sustainable environment.
  • We are professionals, with 25 years industry experience.
  • We pride ourselves on our high level of security. Your documents never leave your site before being destroyed.
  • We are mobile and come to you.
  • We are cost effective. What we quote is what you pay - no hidden extra costs such as bin rental, admin fees etc.

Shredding is essential for businesses

  • It prevents fraudulent activity involving your business and your clients.
  • It creates space, freeing up valuable working area for your staff.
  • Instead of standing at an office shredder for hours on end your staff can concentrate on growing your business.
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